Tech support using obfuscated stack dump

We use Oxfuscator as part of our product build. If one of our customers sends us an exception message raised by our product, it will contain an obfuscated stack dump.
Is there any way of remapping the obfuscated function names in the stack dump back to their original design-time names?

Mapping between initial classes, class members and obfuscated ones can be found in the log file. It’s name and location are defined in the project property pages, Build tab - Log File name field.

I understand I can manually search for items in the log file. But this can be a slow process. Is there some tool that consumes obfuscated stack dumps and emits human-readable stack dumps?

No we don’t have such tool, but I’ve logged an issue #63375 for improving obfuscation log, to make it more legible.