Test All Projects


I think the “Test All Projects” isnt really very useful because it cleans the debug console between programs. Would it be possible for it not to do that ? I have 2 console apps one darwin and the other toffee, so I cant see a way of comparing results.


Hmm, indeed, it shouldn’t,. I’ll have look.

Logged as bugs://E25990.

What is test all projects meant to do ?

Im using the consolelistener in all my console apps

      var lTests := Discovery.FromType(typeOf(DateTimeTests));

      Runner.RunTests(lTests) withListener(new ConsoleTestListener());

Is it the same as that ?

It’s running each project in “EUnit testing” mode, which runs the EUNit project with a special setting so it emits test results in a away that can be parsed back as Test Error messages to show in the IDE.

See Testing with EUnit in Fire and Water for more details.

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bugs://E25990 was closed as fixed.