Test Project (CTRL+T) fail to build even if Test all projects (CTRL+SHIFT+T) works

Build process before testing fails from from version

It seems it’s not able to find test project even if it’s present in solution


Project ‘<ElementsProject: Echoes (.NETCore), “TupleTest” file:///C:/TEST/OxygeneTests/TupleTest/TupleTest.elements>’ not found in solution.

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Any chance I could see a test case for this? Thanx!

Just downgrade to 2471 and use as test case project I’ve already uploaded for BadImageFormatException on named tuples

I thought someting about using - or _ chars in build path, but even if I’ve tryed to test in C:\SIMPLEDIR\ with no success.

I’ve also noticed someting new in 2470 build command (–goal option)
“–goal:<ElementsProject: Echoes (.NETCore), “TupleTest” file:///C:/P%2DWORK/TEST/OxygeneTests/TupleTest/TupleTest.elements>;Echoes”

Hope this helps.

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TupleTest-Ebuild-Logs.zip (269.7 KB)

Ah yes, that could be related. I’ll have a look tomorrow. this seems wrong, it should be passing a guid, not what seems to be there ToString() of the internal Project class…

Yep, found it and fixed for vNext.

I’ve just test it on .2485 and it works!

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