Testing samples

Hi all, I’ve just downloaded Elements trial with Water for Windows, version
And I’m trying samples from https://github.com/remobjects/ElementsSamples.

I’ve tried
Elements\Samples\Oxygene\Island\Delphi VCL\Sample-Windows

and it works, compiles, and starts from IDE (Ctrl + R)

Elements\Samples\Oxygene\Island\Delphi VCL\Sample-Wasm
doesn’t work. It builds (rebuild all as works as well) without error but when I try to run it wih CtrR it displays Chrome and then fails with following messages in Chrome Console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
index.html:12 WebAssembly file Sample.wasm has been loaded.
RemObjectsElements.js:455 Uncaught (in promise) RuntimeError: function signature mismatch
at mi_t3b_RemObjects_d_Elements_d_RTL_d_Delphi_d_VCL_d_TNativeControl3__d_nt37_RemObjects_d_Elements_d_RTL_d_Delphi_d_VCL_d_TComponent (wasm-function[1367]:0x15cd06)
at mi_t38_RemObjects_d_Elements_d_RTL_d_Delphi_d_VCL_d_TCustomForm3__d_nt37_RemObjects_d_Elements_d_RTL_d_Delphi_d_VCL_d_TComponent (wasm-function[1798]:0x16d8ff)

So it seems those samples are not prepared or tested for a new user on Windows. I think this should be working if available, if it’s not meant to be used then mark it as such.

BTW I see at lot of comments that wasm is experimental with VCL and shouldn’t be relied on, what is the alternative for creating web app/page with Oxygen?

Also what is the state of NodeJS support in Oxygen, can I use it, in production?


ah! we just tested it and it was already fixed; looks like this snuck into the trial version (which is usually a little behind). If you want, I can upload a new build that fixes this, if so, let me know the username you use to login to our site.

Thanks, that would be great. UserName is same as here, igors233.
Even better if trial version includes all channels, not just stable. For the project I’m about to start I need coding in Oxygen/C# (possibly C) and compiled to NodeJS and native Windows.


a new build should be up on your personal download page:

We don’t generally do a trial based on all channels because trial tend to get more testing than weekly builds.

Thanks, I don’t see it, it says:
There are currently no personal downloads published for you.

Try now. It seems your username was your email address, not your username here.