The 32-bit Island program cannot be debugged

ConsoleApplication53 (2.3 MB)


Could you describe what is the problem and what Elements version do you use?

My version is as shown in the picture. Whenever I debug a 32-bit program, the IDE freezes, but everything works fine when debugging a 64-bit program.


We can’t reproduce the issue. That is why we need more details about it.
Does it happen every time even for simple created from the template Island windows console application?
Does IDE freeze right after you run the app? Do you run it with or without breakpoints? Do you see at least log
Process ConsoleApplication53 started, took 0.334.

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As shown in the picture, the IDE gets stuck when debugging a 32-bit program. However, debugging a 64-bit program works fine.

Does it run ok without the breakpoint? are there any messages in the build lot or the debug console?

I assume your CPU and OS architecture is Intel/AMD x86_64?


There are no breakpoints, and debugging is still not working, as shown in the picture. The console also doesn’t output the string ‘The magic happens here.’

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It was an issue with my computer environment. I switched to another computer, and the 32-bit program works fine. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you.

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