Themes for Water?

I know the ‘love’ list is out there (in addition to what Remobjects has on their own todo list) but I just cannot handle white background editor screens! Its probably a side effect of some visual issues I have AND have seen the setting is greyed out so obviously is intended sometime, but do we have any priority? I just want a dark theme similar to VS!

BTW, I was just reviewing changes applied to Oxygene in the past 2-3 months and its freaking amazing. The language was already the best language out there when my license expired in 2018 and its really amazing. I suspect many of these features arrive because Remobjects actively use their own languages to develop their products. You guys are delivering at a weight class far above your company size. Thank You!


It’s on the list, but it’s a lot of work to get applied there the entire app. Different (non-black)n themes for the editors only I could activate now (ie like the gray or blue themes Fire has), but get g the entire IDE black/dark requires significant effort I haven’t had the time for (yet). It is on my list though, and I’ll see if I can prioritize it.

If you like, I can make enabling the black theme via an undocumented setting possible for next week’s build (or earlier), so you can try out whats there now, and help me find the (for now many) missing bits that aren’t properly getting themed yet… (editor, log views (which essentially are editors) and tree views should already be fine).

Thank you!

All day, every day :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!


Sure I would love to work with the IDE since VS19 chokes on builds of my project (which is not horribly large).

I’ll get that setup so you can manually enable the black theme, and send you a new build early next week.

I’d like to get that looked at independently though. While VS is a bloated pig, it should not choke omg any project, let alone small ones. what specifically happens?

The build progresses for 45 seconds or so then the title bar of VS19 changes color (to white) and will sometimes terminate, indicating low memory. I am using a 16gb laptop and will order an additional 16gb to see if it makes a difference but its building very slowly. To document more, this is a large component that I am migrating from delphi. I was also getting memory exhausted terminations when running oxidizer to translate one file (its a big one however). I can send it to you if you would like. I haven’t tested it with VS17.

If you could send us the project to support@ or mh@ that’s be appreciated.

I take it builds fine in Water, no hangs or delays?

When you get the next build, you’ll manually wanna change/add this registry string value:

  Theme = Black

I’m starting a new build now, and put it into your Personal Downloads folder, ETA 1-2h.


Man I love it. The parts that are not converted are not consequential for me, THANK YOU!

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Just stumbled across this. Will the Black theme change be part of Friday’s build? I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and would love to give it a spin! Everything else I used is dark-themed, so it’s an eye shock to switch to/from Water.

The unofficial access to it, yes. Its also in the latest Water build you have access to.

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