Threaded forms ?>

I am running a copy of the Script engine on a thread that also is running a socket doing messaging from a telephony smart switch.
When I create a form from within the script I have 2 problems.
1.> when calling ‘if (TSC.WaitForData(pingmsec)) then’ waiting for data on my socket, my form freezes during the wait? I can’t do anything with the form during the wait.
2.> when I click and hold on the form created in the script, it pauses the script as long as I hold the click on the form.
Is there a way to create the forms within a seperate thread than the script?
How can I hold the click on a form and not stop the script ?

Ken Davis
International Telcom Ltd.

Pascal script does not support multithreading at all, the code isn’t thread safe.

What do you mean ‘does not support multithreading at all’ ?
I currently run over a thousand scripts simultaneously on the same system, each running in different threads, without a problem. Do you mean talking between threads or from script to script? Please explain.
Ken Davis

Talking between thread, running 1 script engine from multiple threads at once, those things are not supported. What you asked about it works fine.

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