Threading examples in Island?


(brian71us) #1


Do you have any examples of threading in Island? Just something simple for handling background tasks in a non-platform specific way?

Thank you,
Brian Wheatley

(JohnMoshakis) #2

I think you want to use Task

  var t := Task<String>.Run(method begin
    exit 'helloworld';
  Console.WriteLine($"Result is {t.Result}");

I know it exists on the windows sub platform and I’ve used it in Toffee.


(marc hoffman) #3

or even just async.

(brian71us) #4

I’m getting an error that there is no static member Run…

(marc hoffman) #5

there isn’t, i believe.

(brian71us) #6

OK there must be more than one “Task” type because RemObjects.Elements.MicroTasks.Task doesn’t have a Run method but if I put the code in as John showed it works.

Task client = Task.Run(GetData);

(marc hoffman) #7

You’ll want RemObjects.Elements.System.Task, actually. That one should be in scope by default (MicroTasks.Task isn’t), and has a static Run method, actually.

I’ll bring up to consider renaming the other one, to avoid confusion.

(RemObjects) #8

Thanks, logged as bugs://82133

(RemObjects) #9

bugs://82133 got closed with status fixed.