Timeout to x86 emulators, but not ARM - how to fix?

I am evaluating elements. After rebooting with the HypervisorLaunchOff value set in the BCD, I tried to debug a small project that I had ported over form Xamarin (C#). Every time I try to debug using an x86-based image, the “Launching AVD” dialog just hangs just past the middle of the progress bar. Things instantly start up when debugging under Android Studio. What do I need to fix?

I rebuilt the laptop that this was occuring on. Visual Studio 2015 Community to E:\x86\VS\14.0 - bypassing the reparse (mount) point, web development, and Universal Windows Tools installed. Elements was then installed to E:\x86\Remobjects Software\Elements. The Android SDK and Studio are under E:\x64\Android[Studio SDK] through the installer. JRE and JDK are under E:\x64\Java[JRE JDK]. I am not shown any AVD’s via Elements. Android Studio works great with three AVD’s available. The Android SDK was reinstalled to the E: drive on my desktop. Emulator starts up on the desktop, but the timeout message occurs shortly after. Again, Android Studio works great. I will try an all-default install on my Windows 10 pre-release partition and see what happens.