TLS v1.3

Currently using an older version of RO, along with Indy, in a small SOAP adaptor that uses TLS v1.2. Wish to give the user the option of TLS v1.3. Unfortunately, this is not supported in the the current version of Indy.
Was informed that latest version of RO does support v1.3 and to investigate have installed the trail version.
But as far as I can tell the (inbuilt?) Indy is the same - not supporting v1.3.
So, how else can this be achieved?
Does anyone have any skeleton examples - preferably in Delphi?
Or just … pointers/suggestions … would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


I can recommend to use socket based server components. They support OpenSSL v3.x.

the MegaDemo sample (Delphi) sample demonstrates usage of SSL via these components.

Thank you for this. Will be investigating soon.