Trial expired?

I get trial expired message when I open my Silver project (Android library) in Fire .2593 or .2595 even though my free licence expires on 12 February. It worked ok until 2 days ago, I think.

Was there a change in RO licence policy?

I wanted to upload a screenshot but got an error message when I clicked Upload.

I had the same once just sign-in again and it should be gone, i needed to do this 2 times only. then this bug was gone. atleast for me on island.

New builds require a new license file, so you might just need to redownload the license (which the IDE should don automatically, if logged in).

That said, it’s odd that it says trial expired; that should only happen if you have no local license files at all and either are not logged in or have no (active or expired) license in your account at all…

I downloaded the license file, but where do I upload it? Usually Fire gives me an option to login or upload license file on startup if it thinks something is wrong with the license. Now it only says trial expired. I couldn’t find any menu command to upload license file. Curiously enough, it lets me compile the project in the IDE, it just doesn’t show folders and files.

What do you see when you select the project node? you should have buttons to try re-download (or log in), as well as to manually import a license file…

Thats designed; you will always be able top compile your code, even with an legit expired license.

I restarted a few times and then the license panel somehow showed on the right side of Fire’s window. I was able to log in, after which everything went back to normal. Thank you for your help.

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Curious, it didn’t show until you restarted (several times)? what did it show instead?

It showed project name with trial expired in red.

My community licence for Silver expired on Feb 11 and clicking on renew only shows suite subscription renewal. Does that mean that community licence is not available anymore?

Where are tun clicking Renew, exactly? for Silver, it should bring you to this page:, for getting a free license.


Thank you for the link, this one opens the right page.

If I click Your Account, then Your Licences and then Renew Now by the expired Sliver community licence, it only gives me the option to renew Suite subscription.

Ah yes, I should fix that. that page predates Swift Community Licenses, and is/was basically meant for paid subscriptions, but I agree it should cover this as well! Will fix.