TROEventReceiver causing MemoryLeak when AsyncPolling is checked

I started using httpChannel for my events. For that I’m using the TROEventReicever with the AsyncPolling property checked. But now, for every event I receive a TROBinaryMemoryStream memory leak is created.
To reproduce it, just open the HttpChat (Code first) demo, check the AsyncPolling property and run two clients.


pls update uROEventReceiver.pas as

procedure TROEventReceiver.GetEventsData_Callback(const aRequest: IROAsyncRequest);
    if (Invoke_GetEventsData_DoResponse(aRequest.Message, l_eventsData, l_left) > 0) and (l_eventsData <> nil) then begin
      Dispatch(l_eventsData, Self.fTimer);

optional: for rebuilding ROD packages & dcu, launch C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\install_RO.cmd (or install_DA.cmd) with admin rights.

Logged as bugs://D19354.

bugs://D19354 was closed as fixed.