TROIndyTCPChannel IndyClient ConnectTimeout

What effective connection timeout is used when a TROIndyTCPChannel is used where the IndyClient ConnectTimeout is set to 0

In the DFM we have
object ROIndyTCPChannel1: TROIndyTCPChannel
IndyClient.ConnectTimeout = 0

Is it 10 seconds?
I did not find any information on TROIndyTCPChannel

FYI: We are running into some timeout issues

Follow up: Is there some global var (or similar behaviour) for connection timeouts?
After some code change where we do some extra clean up of (threaded) RO objects
A datamodule with a.o.
ROIndyTCPChannel1: TROIndyTCPChannel;
BinMessage: TROBinMessage;
RemoteService: TRORemoteService;
RemoteDataAdapter: TDARemoteDataAdapter;
__Bin2DataStreamer: TDABin2DataStreamer;
gets destroyed (destructor called)

It seems that we get connection timeout issues on various channels.
Among other channels where we set IndyClient.ConnectTimout:=60000 at construction time
but it looks like this timeout gets altered along the way.


It’s Indy native properties so you need to read Indy documentation for TIdTCPClientCustom/TIdTCPClient.

found the indy help which states
The default value for ConnectTimeout is 0, and indicates that the default timeout value for the protocol stack implementation should be used when establishing the client connection.
and which probably resuts in 120seconds.
Meanwhile it looks like a modified timeout is not the issue for us.