TROLocalServer multithread


I need to extend an exist delphi REST application server to access to a Server DB. My idea is to use a TROLocalServer to expose remote methods and DataAbstract Datasets. Every resource REST create a client data module (with a TROLocalClient) and call the services exposed by TROLocalServer.
My Questions are: Is it a viable idea? TROLocalServer is multithread?

I would like to have the whole logic within the REST service and not create a dedicated server (tcp or http).

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yes, TROLocalServer is multithread.

for DA access I’d recommend to use TDALocalDataAdapter.
it will work more faster in comparing with TROLocalServer because data shouldn’t be serialized/deserialized to/from TROMessage.

finally you can use service’s methods as is, i.e.

var1 := (lda.ServiceInstance as IMyService).method(param1);
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Many thank’s EvgenyK!

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