TroLocalServer TroLocalChannel example

(Alessandro) #1


I m using TrolLocalServer/TroLocalChannel but i don t understand how it works.

It possible that TRolocalServer send broadcast Message to TroLocalChannel? and how LocalChannel can send message to server?

Someone can make a testcase for me so i can understand it?


(EvgenyK) #2


what do you mean under broadcast message for local channels?

(Alessandro) #3


I have more then one localchannel in My class. So for example i want that server send message Shutdown to all my localchannels.

(Alessandro) #4

I have 3 LocalChannel connected to remotelocalServer. Server can send message ‘Shutdown’ to all 3 LocalChannels?How can i do?

(EvgenyK) #5

did you register to this event via event receivers linked with local channels?

(Alessandro) #6

yes but i don t know how send message from localchannel to localserver and viceversa. i upload a testcase
.testcase.rar (3.0 MB)

(Alessandro) #7

Nobody Can help me?

There Is no documentation about trolocalserver and trolocalchannel

(Alessandro) #8

TroLocalServer can Send Messages(Method) to troLocalChannel? In Normal troServer i got Repository to send back Message to channels but TroLocalServer doesn t have repository….so how can i send messages to LocalChannel?

(EvgenyK) #9

what version of ROSDK you are using?

(Alessandro) #10

(EvgenyK) #11

review this sample: (30.9 KB)