TROSuperTCPChannel very often loses connection

Hi, since the last two releases, i have a problem with TROSuperTCPChannel. It very often loses the Server-Connection. Approximately every 3-4 minutes. The last working release is RemObjects Remoting SDK - if i switch back to this release, every works fine.

Has something fundamental been changed?


after, we have added OpenSSL 1.1.1 support for socket channels
in general, it shouldn’t have such effect if you don’t use it.

can you describe your case - what server channel. message you are using?
it is possible to create a simple testcase that reproduces this case?
if yes, can you drop it to support@ for keeping privacy?

if you start 2 clients in my testcase, the problem occurs faster.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84194

bugs://84194 got closed with status fixed.


pls update uROSocket.pas as

function TROSocket.CanRead(aTimeout: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := Length(fReadBuffer) >0;  if Result then Exit;  //added
  TimeV.tv_usec := (aTimeout mod 1000) * 1000;
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This looks like an important stability detail. Is this update already on the available build?

Given it was fixed 3 days ago, and the latest build was before that, no ;). we’ll probably do a new build this Wednesday.


I have no idea when you guys do builds or not. But I’ll take your word for it. :wink:

Thank you Marc, stay safe. lists the date for each available build.