TROSynapseSuperTCPChannel - SynchronizeEvents - no matter if True or False

I would expect on client side a difference when i set SynchronizeEvents to True or False. All Events are executed in the Mainthread. Nevertheless if SynchronizeEvents has been set to True or False.

Using TROBinMessage, TROEventReceiver, TROSynapseSuperTCPChannel.
Client Delphi 11.3 64bit

Maybe i’m completely wrong and do not understand this property?


This property isn’t related to TROEventReceiver and affected to how channel’s events like OnAfterProbingServer, etc will be raised.



According to the superchannel nature every remote request is processed using it’s own background thread. This property controls on which thread to execute the event handlers for events connected with each remote request. If the property is set to true than all event handlers are executed on the main application thread, otherwise they are executed on the request’s background thread.
WARNING: This property has no effect on OnSendStream and OnReceiveStream events, they are always executed in main thread.

Got it. I was really wrong. Thanks