Trying to run my first project bundle at ‘/Library’ is missing file ‘/Library/Contents/version.plist’.

I have a working copy of xcode. are there tutorial videos ??
as an aside I would like to use swiftui

It looks like you have not yet registered your copy of Xcode with the system for command-;ine use. You can do this in Xcode’s Preferenes or by running xcode-select on the command line, as shown here: Setting up Xcode for Cocoa Development with Fire.

You can also find more documentation and tutorials at

We do not currently support SwiftUI yet, FTR.

thanks but says las debug session failed but that was on top not in the main window

“/Volumes/Fire” “/Volumes/Fire” “–setting:Elements:IslandSDKFolder=/Volumes/Fire SDKs” “–setting:Elements:GothamXmlFolder=/Volumes/Fire XMLs” “–setting:Elements:ReferencePathsXMLFolder=/Volumes/Fire Paths with Data Abstract Trial” “–setting:Elements:LldExePath=/Volumes/Fire” --setting:Elements:LlvmRcExePath= “–setting:Elements:DSymUtilExePath=/Volumes/Fire” “–setting:Elements:ToffeeHelperExePath=/Volumes/Fire” “–setting:Elements:BundleToolJarPath=/Volumes/Fire” /Users/admin/Documents/MacApp/MacApp.sln --logger:fire --configuration:Debug --no-goal --setting:B4DDDA81-FFF6-4496-A419-23D1B30F6F02,Device=True --verbosity:normal --xml:/var/folders/3d/ytdn1xf93mn5tn8ht8b69bww0000gn/T/ --build --setting:TreatFixableErrorsAsWarnings=True
RemObjects EBuild. An open source build engine for Elements and beyond.
Copyright RemObjects Software 2016-2022. All Rights Reserved. Created by marc hoffman.
Version (develop) built on talax, 20220429-124536. Commit dad33b9.

Xcode Version is 11.3 (11C29), macOS Version is 10.14.6 (18G87).
No exact macOS SDK version was specified for target ‘Toffee-macOS’, using ‘macOS 10.15’.
Solution ‘MacApp’ built successfully.
Port is 39917
Running /Library/Developer/SharedFrameworks/LLDB.framework/Versions/A/Resources/debugserver -f16 --log-file /dev/stdout -e OS_ACTIVITY_DT_MODE=1 -F – /Users/admin/Documents/MacApp/Bin/Debug/macOS/

Curious, as that does look like a successful debug launch. Is there any output in the Debug Console at the bottom (Cmd-Shift-Y)? Can you open the Activity Window (Cmd-Shift-9), try to run again, and post the output from there, as well?

Curious. Anything in the Activity window?

Can you try updating to a more recent version of Xcode (13.3 is latest, so this is ~2.5 years old) to see if that addresses the issue?

well this mac is on the older file system not apfs. I would update to the macos just before the requirement of apfs but i cant seem to download Big Sur from apple.
because I am on an older macos i can not update to xcode 13.3

Ah damn.