Tutorial Todo / Delphi

With ToDo tutorial for Delphi i’am getting this error when adding scripting/custom-SQL to filter DB at server side:

Here is custom-SQL, using PostgreSQL:


And there is scripting:

I also can’t find from Relativity Admin tool / Domains: Allow custom SQL macro processing from right side window:


There is one. You are missing one } bracket in the script code.

Seems the Relativity version you are using was released before this option has been introduced.


Thanks, got it working. Using demo version, maybe could update it but i go for this “old” version for now.

This your product seems to be very well done and reliable. Even this kind of part-time programmer like me can establish with it secure and reliable connection to cloud back-end.

Any estimate how many concurrent users DA can handle? Using AWS EC2 and PostgreSQL also in AWS.