Two feature requests for Fire/Water


(Benoît Bousquet) #1

A feature I’d love to see in Fire and Water would be a way to navigate between open files (back/forward) as can be found in other IDEs. It could be just me but I frequently find myself wanting to go back to the previous file I was in and I sometimes forget which one it was.

Also, a Detach process feature when debugging would be useful at times.

(Friedrich Westermann) #2

Navigation in last files:
Project->Navigation->Previous etc…

(Benoît Bousquet) #3

I feel silly now. Would love to have this in the toolbar though (which Water lacks, incidentally).

EDIT: As I’m using Water in a Parallels VM, Alt-Left and Alt-Right do not seem to work.

(Friedrich Westermann) #4

You can Edit in the Keyboard Menu from your Parallels VM
For me these is working

(marc hoffman) #5

Curious. that sounds like a key mapping problem, as it works fine for me, on Parallels (and on a native Windows machine as well, of course)…

(Benoît Bousquet) #6

I’ll double check tomorrow at the office.

(Benoît Bousquet) #7

Weird: Option-Up and Option-Down work fine in my Parallels VM but Option-Left and Option-Right don’t (they go to the previous and next words). I assume this is Parallels remapping commonly used macOS keys.

Confirmed: Parallels remaps Option-Left and Option-Right to Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right in my Windows VM (this is Parallels 13 with the “Windows” keyboard profile).

I still would love this in the toolbar (like most IDEs have).

(marc hoffman) #8

That’s a Mac thing, so i’m guessing Parallels is trying to be helpful and map standard Mac cursor navigation behavior onto the VM.

eventually, yeah. right now, as you mentioned, Water doesn’t have a toolbar, and i’m not sure if I wanna give up the extra vertical space…