TXMLDocument porting


(nader shalabi) #1


Is there any porting to TXMLDocument in Elements?


(Carlo Kok) #2

Can you explain what you mean?

We have an xml doc implementation in rtl2, additionally .NET, Java and Cocoa have their own implementations which are also fine (and say xmldocument on .net matches TXmlDocument quite well, snce both are DOM based)

(nader shalabi) #3

Thank you,

I should have phrased my question better.
The API you mentioned (https://github.com/remobjects/RTL2/blob/master/Source/XmlDocument.pas) is similar in “functionality” to TXMLDocument in that it is a DOM-based implementation, but I was referring to class methods/interface, not being lazy, but I am porting a huge XML processing code that requires substantial code conversion, up to the point that writing a “proxy” TXMLDocument to Elements RTL2 is more appealing.


(Carlo Kok) #4

i would suggest a mapped type then, something like:

TXMLDocument = public partial class mapped to XMLDocument

With the methods you need added