uEWCodeProcessor not in Everwood package

RemObjects_Everwood_D26 package does not contain uEWCodeProcessor unit.
So all other IDE packages fails installation (RO-DA-HY).
This is a change from before?

Using DataAbstract v10.0.0.1455 Server Edition for Delphi.

Problem is solved by adding uEWCodeProcessor.pas to Everwood package and rebuild.


you could get your current situation if you installed the latest Hydra (Jun 10, 2019) after DA v10.0.0.1455 (Sep 19, 2019).
so Hydra installation installed old Everwood sources and bpls …

workaround: reinstall DAD

I reinstalled DAD. Easier than fixing the packages myself.
But I guess I have to install the Hydra RO IDE package manually, when I do it in that order.

we will release a new hydra build. it will allow to avoid this situation in future.

We have released RO/DA and HY last week and they have been created with the same version of Everwood.
as a result this issue shouldn’t be caught anymore

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