Unable to compile a Delphi project that includes RemObjects from a standard user account

It appears that Rad Studio is not able to reach some paths that are set by the installer since it is run as administrator. I gave the installer a path that all users had access to but for some users the IDE was not able to manually install the components. Also the path that is given to the installer is not honored by the Everwood license manager.

Is there a setting somewhere in the installer to install for all users?

can you give some additional info, like what path you have used for installing ROD?

what do you mean under ?

installer creates .bpl that can be loaded into IDE w/o manual rebuilding of these packages

Everwood is always installed into Program Files (x86) (for x64 box) or into Program Files (for x86 box)

Nobody complained about such problems earlier so lets to review your case.

C:\AFolder\RemObjects Software\

Here are the steps to reproduce my problem:

  1. Create a local non-Microsoft standard (non administrator) user account on Windows 10.
  2. Log into the newly created account.
  3. Install RemObjects to C:\AFolder\RemObjects Software. This will require administrative rights.
  4. Launch Delphi from the standard user account and observe there are no RemObjects components installed.


try to manually install all .bpl from C:\AFolder\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Dcu\D##\Win32 via IDE menu->Components->Install Packages

I assume, that this non-admin account has read rights for C:\AFolder\RemObjects Software folder and subfolders at least.