Unable to debug legacy.target projects

Using the latest build (2445) and fixing the targets to use Echoes.Legacy.target, when I try to start a debug session I get the following message “Error debugging project: No Executable or App Bundle was specified.” in the output window


Is that in VS?

Yes. We do everything in VS as we have mixed solutions with legacy oxygen and MS C#, had a look at Water, not really usable for what we do.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83422

what type of project do you try to debug? Mac console app? Or something else?

All our projects as far as RemObjects is concerned are old school .net framework on Visual Studio 2019 for windows

Alex, is it possible to have a testcase for this? I tried to create a new console app and change targets into Legacy, but I still was able to debug it. The breakpoint was triggered as expected.

Sorry forgot to say that we have to use the “RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.Legacy.targets” target otherwise lots of other things break in out projects, example attached

ConsoleApplication6.zip (29.7 KB)

Hi Victoria, any news on this?

Viktoria is on vacation this week, she’ll be back in Monday.

Hello Alex,
The issue should be fixed for the next build.
Best regards.


Hi Victoria
Whatever was fixed in build 2445, it’s now more broken than before, you can now launch the debugger, but the project has now lost all of it’s dependencies, so it doesn’t build them now.
say we have a Library project called ClassLib and an exe project called TestExe, if TestExe references ClassLib, when you build TestExe it doesn’t first build ClassLib. Don’t forget this is using the Legacy msbuild targets

You can see in VS that if you look at the dependencies for TestExe it won’t have ClassLib ticked


Thanks, logged as bugs://83546

We are seeing the same issue with the latest build…
We have a huge solution that is mixed VC# and Oxygene.
And we took a long time to convert everything from Oxygene 9.3 to 10 and now we are stuck…

We’re looking into this with top prio.

Is changing to non-legacy an option for you? If not, what’s holding you personally back?

“Is changing to non-legacy an option for you? If not, what’s holding you personally back?”

I did not do the move to Oxy 10 myself, but what I remember from the person doing the migration:
We have mixed VC# and Oxy and we have a buildserver executing MSBuild.
I think it is not possible to run a sln file containing EBuild projects on MSbuild?

That should still be perfectly possible, even without using the legacy target. You should only need the legacy target if you specifically need build steps not supported by EBuild (which isn’t much), or defend on specific legacy behavior of MSBuild that EBuild doesn’t duplicate the exact way you like it.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d recommend anyone to use the regular Echoes.targets unless you have a good reason not to.

Ah that is good to know!

I asked what was the reason to use the legacy and these could be issues:
We have nuget packages that import multiple .targets into the project. e.g. SqLite.core
We use Pre and Post build events.

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For that you’d need to keep using legacy I’m afraid yeah :(.