Unable to debug plugin in Visual Studio using Delphi host app

I have a non visual Hydra plugin written in Oxygene (RemObjects Elements v9.1.99.2151 + RemObjects Hydra for .NET v5.0.0.1147) running in Visual Studio Shell 2013. The host app is written in Delphi XE3 x86. I want to debug the plugin and have defined the Delphi .EXE as the “Host Application” in the project options. When I start debugging in Visual Studio I receive the following message: “A project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly.” As the host application is written in Delphi I assume that I cannot add a second project of type “Exe” to the project and define that as the startup project.

Attaching the Visual Studio debugger to the already running process is possible but a bit tedious.

How can I successfully start the Delphi host app from Visual Studio to debug the extension? I know it is possible because I have it working with a different project. I just cannot figure out how to make it work for the current project.

Thanks for your help, Olaf

Thanks, logged as bugs://78457

bugs://78457 got closed with status fixed.