Unable to edit .pas files

The first time I open a .pas the editor window goes blank, I close it and open it again and it raises an error:

Attached is an image with my configuration:


This looks like a broken install; can you re-run Elements setup, possibly even grabbing the latest version while you’re at it?


I have tried to install several times and with several versions: It works. It does not work. It does not work.

Maybe deleting the installed files from version I can force it to install the correct dll. I have no idea, I will try tomorrow.

Curious. it’s like some left-over in the registration still refers to, even though the newer version is installed.

No, I think the problem is the reverse — it has the right (newer) .dll, but VS is for some reason still trying to load the old one, for some reason…

I think the version that is installed is the old one:

Hmm, curious. can you try deleting this and re-running the new setup? also, can you run it with /log and see if you find any messages or errors pertaining to this file in the log file? thnx!

I’ll also retry this locally her, now, with 2759.

FWIW, the .dll updates ok for me when I install 2759. (oddly, the .pkdef looks older; but that might be as designed; these files don’t contain a version number, so those not getting touched is not an problem per se (though it still surprised me, @viktoriad, any ideas?)).

I deleted the entire directory and after installing I have something similar to yours:

But VS still does not work and displays the same message.

I have put the /log but I don’t know where it leaves the file, can you help me?

Ok, that makes more sense tbh, because the errors clearly states that VS is looking for the old version.

I have put the /log but I don’t know where it leaves the file, can you help me?

i think you can provide a filename, or it’ll leave it in the “current” directory when you run setup (which might be randon’ish, if you ran it from, say, Start|Run…)

Can you do a registry search for the old/bad version number, “”? but TBH I’m not too familiar with how this stuff gets registered with VS these days, so this might have to wait until my colleague @viktoriad is back from vacation, next week, if we don’t find something obvious…

I searched the registry but found nothing significant about RemObjects.Elements.VisualStudio.Editor.17.dll.

But, I have found where the temporary files are written during setup and I was able to find the log file in C:\Users\Charly\AppData\Local\Temp, but it does not contain anything that could give me a clue about the problem.

I guess we’ll have to wait for @viktoriad’s return.

can you search for “”?

probably, yeah.

What confuses me is that you say even if you delete the .dll and install 2759, the new one is versioned 2751. i wonder where that dll comes from, given the installer deploys the right one for me (and it can’t contain both :wink:

Yes, I searched the registry for but found nothing significant, primarily temporary file references, nothing that looks like a clue.

No, after deleting the entire directory it does not happen anymore:

Ah ok. that’s “good”.

I guess we’ll have to wait for @viktoriad now… :(.

Ok, I will continue with other things, thanks anyway.

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Hello Carlo,
Could you please try to remove the Component Model Cash for VS. You can find it here: C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\17.0_4d909f79 (or your VS version) - find and delete ComponentModelCache folder completely. The next VS running should use proper Editor version.
Hope that helps.

Perfect, I deleted the Component Model Cache and it works!

Thank you very much,

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