'Unable to instantiate managed plugin class' error

Hi. I’ve just updated from Hydra v5 to v6.2.101.1233. I have a VisualPlugin dll created in Visual Studio that I am using in my Delphi project. Everything worked fine in v5 but now after recompiling my dll with v6.2 I am now getting the err_CannotInstantiateManagedPlugin error, i.e. ‘Unable to instantiate managed plugin class’ when I try and use the plugin in Delphi. This is in the function uHYManagedSupport.CreateManagedPluginInstance. I am not sure why this has started happening.

The most common reason for this is that the license file was not compiled properly.

At first open the licenses.licx file and double-check that lines there look like

 RemObjects.Hydra.VisualPlugin, RemObjects.Hydra

(i.e. there is no version specified)

Then delete the obj folder form your’s plugin project folder to force license rebuild (Visual Studio sometimes forgot to recompile licenses after version update)

Now rebuild your plugin project and it should be fine

I have solved this. The licences.licx still referred to version 5 for the RemObjects.Hydra.VisualPlugin

Thanks for your quick reply. I had worked this out before I saw your message.