Unable to register license reinstalling RemObjects SDK for Delphi -

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I’m reinstalling Delphi 9 with RemObjects SDK for Delphi -, but I’m not able to get right license.
I tryed also with the older one RemObjects_SDK_for_Delphi_-_5.0.35.741 with same results.
My Subscription is expired at this moment, but the release I’m trying to reinstall is covered by the license I own.

When I try to directly download license after installation, I get the error “Your license file has expired - You can still use the RemObjects SDK builds released during your Subscription, …” and this is my case, but license is considered not valid. (btw, I checked “RemObjects SDK.lic” in user appdata folder and it looks like there is some problem downloading it. It contains a http document with “500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed”).

Then I tryed to download license from website, and when I import it, I get the error “License version mismatch. We’re sorry but the license you have in place is for a different version of this product. The license you have is for version 5 while this product requires a license for version 5 or higher”.
So it looks like I have the right license, but it doesn’t work anyway

What can I do to reinstall and use the software I bought?

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I have the exact same problem, altough its version 6.0.47 in my case

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Hello, I am having a similar problem. I recently had to unpack Delphi 7 along with RemObjects DataAbstract for version in order to migrate a client to a new platform, but my license seems to have expired (same message as above: you have version 5, you need version 5 or higher). Thanks!

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I’m sorry, my email was set to an invalid address. I’ve since updated it. Could you please send your reply again. Thanks! R.

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answer was sent via private message on this forum so you can read it at https://talk.remobjects.com/u/itreg/messages

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I am having the same issue, in Delphi 6. It says the license is for 6, but I have 5 installed.


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Hi, I’m having the same problem here. Suddenly says REMObjects is not registered any longer and the licence I have doesn’t work. REMObjects SDK V4.0.13.521 on Delphi 2005

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I don’t see any licenses on Mohammed Laher account.
drop email to support@ or to me in PM and specify account name that holds your license

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The licence was registered before I started working at the company. It was registered by the previous developer that worked here. Username / Email: peters@questek.co.za

Not sure what year this was in but was definitely over 4 years ago. The email no longer exists and the company has since been bought over. It is an old Delphi 32 bit application that needs some changes and bug fixes made to it.


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if you can send us a DM Wirth the details of the old and the new account, I can get the licenses moved over for you.


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