Unknown Identifier for Constant Variable

We have declared a constant in .pas file in App_code folder.while referencing the values declared in .pas file in App_code folder from aspx.pas file we are running into ‘Unknown Identifier for Constant Variable’ error.

Kindly help us on this issue as it is effecting project deliverables.


It’s really hard to judge what is going on form this screenshot. Is there any chance you could post a more complete test case for this?


We have a .pas file in App_code folder which has contant variables declared as shown below:

We reference RTS_Types.pas by using the command ‘uses RTS_Types’ in one of our aspx.pas pages.Now, while building our application, we are running into below issue:

Rem Object version: REM Object Elements 10.0.0

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thank you for the additional information. Can I see how RTS_Types.pas looks and how the constant is defined? is it marked public? ASP.NET compiles different parts of the site to different .dlls/projects, so global members that are not ,marked public might not be available everywhere.

Also note that uses works on namespaces, not file names. the name in the use scales must match what you have at the top of RTS_Types.pas after the namespace keyword (whether that matches the file name tis entirely coincidental).


Constant in rts_types.pas file


can you try adding “public;” at the end of the line for each of these consts?

Please provide us sample syntax

  CNOYESTYPE: array [....] of String = [.....]; public;