"Unknown namespace com.remobjects.oxygene"

I’ve been on .2549 for a few weeks, and after updating to .2557 I’m getting a build error "Unknown namespace com.remobjects.oxygene" in my Oxygene projects. I reverted to .2555 and was still getting the error. Reverted to .2549 and it went away. Was this caused by an intentional change?

com.remobjects.oxygene.system has been legacy/deprecated for a ,long while, in favor of com.remobjects.elements.system. A few weeks back we cleanup up further and renamed/merged that to RemObjects.Elements.System across all platforms, including Java.

When we did, we added back an alias for com.remobjects.elements, but neglected to to the same for com.remobjects.oxygene. I’ll fix for next week (this week’s build is already in the work), but the proper solution is to change your code to use RemObjects.Elements.System, instead.


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Ah thanks. Changing com.remobjects.oxygene to RemObjects.Elements.System is working.

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