Unknown type error in Visual Studio with Mercury doesn't provide one-click fix

VS2019, Elements

I have a class library that contains Enums that is referenced by a different project. With a regular VB.NET project, if my code doesn’t provide a fully-qualified name of the type, I get the error that the type isn’t defined, and it suggests some options for fixing this, like so:

Clicking the first option which creates an “Imports…” line at the top is something that I use regularly, although the second option to change my code so that the enum is full referenced is also something I use occasionally

In Mercury, while it suggests that I might have meant to use the full syntax (like the second option above), it doesn’t give me a one-click solution for fixing it, nor does it give me the Imports option, which at least for me is the preferred fix in most cases.

If Elements has to replace this kind of built-in functionality within Visual Studio (and I assume it has to because it is using a different compiler), it would great if we didn’t lose this productivity feature.



Curious; pretty sure we shoukld have Fix-Its for this, I’ll log for investigation.

As a “workaround”, incoming CC on the type should showy an option with the namespace in the list, and (depending on what the global setting in Tools|Options is set to) would insert either the fully qualified name or add the Import at the top, when selected.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85562