Unreachable connection in Schema modeler

I downloaded the trial version of DA .Net. I was trying out the ToDo List tutorial. When trying to open the schema modeller for the Tasks schema, I can connect to the database and build the connection string as shown in the tutorial, but on clicking ok, there is an error that the connetion is unreachable. I have tried creating a new connection several times and this happens every time.

I have uninstalled the trial, deleted all the directories incluiding the RemObjects folders in my AppData folder. Reinstalled the trial, but I cant try again as I’ve now lost the licence file although I’m only a few days into the trial.

I’m on Windows 11 Pro.

Any help would be appreciated.
ErrorMessage.txt (3.5 KB)


Can you point to page in tutorial where you have stopped, pls?

Have you reached this step?

drop email to support@, we will send trial extension for you.

Thanks for your help.
I complete the Connection String Builder dialog succesfully and test the connection which shows it is live. Click ok and, then, click ok on the connection definition editor. The Tasks connection editor shows that the connection is unreachable in the dialog. Trying to doing anything with the task or closing the window results in the exception.

BTW, do you still have to use sqlite x86 rather than the x64 version of the database.

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Connection Definition Editor


try to press Refresh button. it usually fixes this issue:

I think, it doesn’t matter what configuration (x64 or x86) you have used for initial creation of sqlite db - generated DB can be consumed by any configuration

Tried refresh numerous times, deleted and recreated the connection with the same exception. Will give it another go later today.

Many thanks for your time.


No luck at all with multiple tries the database is unreachable. I enlcose screenshots. Note the error message when I click ok after the connection string has been built.
New Text Document.txt (6.5 KB)
Screenshot 2024-03-26 142349
Screenshot 2024-03-26 143918


if SQLite.NET driver works unstable on your PC you can use any other DB like MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/FireBird/etc - it doesn’t matter for this tutorial

Thanks. Will give it a try.