Unsafe modifier problem in .2383

(ndelic) #1

IDE: Visual Studio 2017
Version: .2383
Target .Net

After installing v2383, my project fails to compile, with the following error:

Error||(E236) The “unsafe” modifier is required for this member|StraightSync.Server|Y:\StraightSync Test\Base.Server\RO.Extensions.swift|98

This didn’t happen in v2373.

Test project sent to support.

(marc hoffman) #2

Curious. I can’t check the project right now, as I’m not at the computer. Does the method use any unsafe code, such as pointers? (I didn’t think we support unsafe code in Swift, at all).

(ndelic) #3

It fails here (ISession extension):

return LanguageCode(rawValue: value)

This shouldn’t be unsafe, right?

(marc hoffman) #4

not from the looks of it, no…

(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://82156

(Carlo Kok) #6

Seems some stuff is missing:

  <Import Project="..\Shared\Projects\StraightSync.Common\StraightSync.Common.projitems" Label="Shared" />```

(marc hoffman) #7

iirc i added a fixed project to the bug Report? the issue did show for me.

(RemObjects) #8

bugs://82156 got closed with status fixed.

(Carlo Kok) #9

Yep; missed that one. Fixed.