Unsupported architecture ('armv7s') for iOS 13.5

With the latest libToffee I get this error when building

       -> Task PrepareToffeePlatform started for libToffee, iOS.

D: Xcode developer folder is ‘/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer’
Xcode Version is 11.5 (11E608c), macOS Version is 10.15.5 (19F101).
D: Supported iOS SDKs in local FXs:
D: - iOS 13.5
D: - iOS 13.4
D: - iOS 13.2
D: Supported iOS SDKs in Xcode 11.5:
D: - iOS 13.5
E: Unsupported architecture (‘armv7s’) for iOS 13.5
D: | Supported architectures:
D: | - arm64
E: Unsupported architecture (‘armv7’) for iOS 13.5
D: | Supported architectures:
D: | - arm64
E: Unsupported simulator architecture (‘i386’) for iOS 13.5 Simulator
D: | Supported simulator architectures:
D: | - x86_64
<- Task PrepareToffeePlatform failed for libToffee, iOS, took 0.1221s (0.122s).

Also does the license file need to be updated ? I get this

Click above, to check if an updated license can be downloaded for your account.

Full License for Oxygene for Cocoa, subscription active until December 20, 2020.
License File expired June 29, 2017. Please re-download.


hmm, I didn’t change anything that would affect that?

As you suggested I changed the remote reference in my mac console app to libToffee and got those errors. I also noticed that if I build the libToffee solution I get the same issue. Is it because of whats in the dropdown ? Its listing every device

Ah yes, actually that as correct; the Architecture setting should be dropped from the project (fixing now);

Background: iOS 13 does not officially support 32bit anymore, so the build chain rejects that architecture setting; this doesn’t fail on or build system because there ewe override the architecture with the special “legacy” option, which lets 32-bit pass (because the libToffee we ship might be linked by people building for older SDKs — though I guess at this stage thats largely an academic exercise, since Apple won’t actually let you submit apps with 32bit anymore afaik.

Thanks for the explanation.

The solution builds but referenced in a mac os toffee console app I get this

E: Reference ‘libToffee’ could not be resolved for target ‘Toffee-macOS’ (Toffee macOS x86_64).

The bin folder for the libToffee does have a macOS folder.


I’ll have two check, but unfortunately I need to run out in a few minutes; will have a look when i’m back (for now, stick with the old mac-only project)?

Thanks. Im not in a rush, I think its time I unpacked my raspberrry pi and see what I can get running on that.

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Oddly doesn’t reproduce here, (with a local project ref, but that should make no difference)

                     Project 'libToffee' referenced from 'ConsoleApplication36' is not in solution, reusing cached output.
D:                   Project Reference 'libToffee' will resolve using target 'macOS'.
                     Project Reference 'libToffee' was resolved to '/Users/mh/Library/Application Support/RemObjects Software/EBuild/Obj/libToffee-C3C6BD1D027EB4D0B53C6DD5BB77DA34B404C430/Debug/macOS/Device/libToffee.fx' via target 'macOS'.

can I see your project?


for the license issue, can you zip up your ~\Library\Application Support\RemObjects Software\Licenses folder and send kit to me via PM? thanx!

LastConsoleApplication.zip (7.4 KB)

Also In the Elements folder I renamed the References/Toffee/macOS folder.

Hm, that project compiles clean for me:

Re the license issue: curious, that doesnt repro for me; I replaced my own licenses folder with yours (and turned off the wifi), and I get:

Same expiration as in your screenshot, but no message about the file being expired. That said, your folder does contain two old license files (but dated 2016 and 2019, not 2017, so neither of those would explain there message either. You could try deleting all 4 and have Fire re-download clean, to see of that fixes it.

Before you do that though: does this fail for any project, or just the one? or only for Cocoa? When did this start, and does it persist after you restart the IDE?

Hmm, actually I CAN repro the license issue, but only with the libToffee project. Somehow it’s picking up the libToffee.licenses (which really shouldn’t have an expiration date) over your own personal license, but doesn’t seem to do the same for me (as in, for my licenses).

very strange. Will debug now.

Ah yes, its the 1% Silver code that you don’t have a license for (though you could get one for free, of course, to fix it) that iot falls back to the per-project licenses for, and that one is expires.

I’ll fix it to make this more clear in the error message, and I’ll fix the expired project license.



think the is better: :wink:

I think its something to do with me having renamed my References/Toffee/MacOS folder. If I put it back to how it was it builds.

Shouldn’t have.