Upgrade Issue


I run the RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition -, i hit the below issue


delphi 11.1 , DA from to

Please advise


will Delphi work as expected on your pc if you ignore this error?

it 's working,. Any Potential issue?


DataAbstract wizard and Schema Modeller may not work because it’s .NET based.

how’s fix it? Any Chance the dll cant update missing some new function?
I just run the schema modeller it as below

where to find the dataabstract wizard?


You can try to uninstall DataAbstract and install it from scratch.
try to restart windows also.

File → New → Other → Data Abstract → VCL Application

check also the New Project Wizard article

Both is running and no show any error. Any chance those DDL is not updated ? or Some new feature is missing?



ignore this error for now.
this dll is mainly used in our .NET products for license checking, downloading a new version from server, etc.