Upper Case code complete for Oxygene in VS


(Matt Robertson) #1

I see a preference for Insert directives in upper case in the Oxygene > Code Completion preferences in VS 2015. I believe this is in response to my request a while back (if so, thanks!). But it doesn’t seem to be working. At least, what I’m expecting is for keywords like procedure, begin, if/then, etc., to be inserted by CC in all caps instead of all lower case. The preference toggle does not change this for me in in VS 2015.

(marc hoffman) #2

This seems to refer to directives only (ie {$IFDEF})?

Since these are always uppercase by standard, I’m unsure about the history this setting. I’ll check this ups with the team.

AFAIUK we have no support for uppercase keywords in CC, at this stage. Oxygene is case sensitive but case preserving; the canonical spelling for they keywords is lowercase, so that’s what CC provides. I’ll bring this hoop for discussion of we want to/can add an option…

(Matt Robertson) #4

Ah, clearly.

I would greatly appreciate it. The legacy code base I work with uses upper case for keywords, so that’s what we use in the Oxygene Android app as well, so CC is actually counter-productive for me as I have to go back and re-type keywords without allowing CC to replace what I type.

(RemObjects) #6

Thanks, logged as bugs://81661