Use Delphi RTL in RemObjects Oxygene WPF NET project


(Federico Zatta) #1


Is it possible to use the Delphi RTL for elements, recompiling it in a C# NET project?
The scenario is a WPF project referencing a NET project with the Delphi RTL.

It seems not possible, the Delphi RTL is usable only in a RemObjects Oxygene Island?

Thanks to all

(marc hoffman) #2

Delphi RTL is available for all platforms, not just Island. While it’s designed mainly for use from Oxygene, it’s usable from all four Elements languages. SO this would include a RemObjects C# WPF app. Simply add a reference to Delphi.dll, and add RemObjects.Elements.RTL.Delphi to your usings.


(Federico Zatta) #3

thanks a lot!

(Dmitrii) #4

How to create VCL TForm from RemObjects.Elements.RTL.Delphi.VCL.Forms.Windows.pas?
TForm is not available for public use.