Use Mysql with mydac


It Possible to use Mydac with Data Abstract?

I have low bandwith to connect with my data…It possible to compress it ? Or there is a way to receive data with low bandwith?



I assume you are using DataAbstract for Delphi.

yes, you can use MyDAC (Devart MySQL Data Access Components) with DataAbstract

by default, all transferred data is compressed.

Check also the BinMessage.MinSizeForCompression property.

Ok i have choose MyDac and it doesn t works!(In Schema)
i insert servername,username and password but:
1)I can t choose any table (In table List).
2)If i insert table name. I have Error Unknown table

If i choose mysqldac :
1)I can t choose any table (In table List).
2)If i insert table name. I can connect

I don t have mysqldac but i have last version of mydac.



we ship precompiled MyDAC and MySQLDAC frivers with Schema Modeler so they should work in any case.
for using these commercial drivers in your own application you should have license for those 3rd party library(ies).

can you specify what data you have entered?

these connection strings works for me:



I have commercial license for mydac (Last version).

ok i found bug…

if i use connection build connection string and insert

Step 1,2,3,4 with all server info doesn t works…

i must insert manually parameter UserId and Password


yes, it is correct - you need to fill server, username, password and database manually

after filling all info and pressing Test connection, what it shows in your case?