Use .net Component in Delphi


I m testing Hydra component before buy it.

I have .net component in Visual c.
I need to use it in Delphi 10.3.3 ,it is possible?
I can use properties,method and event in Delphi?
It possible to have a simple example to understand how to works it?(In default example there is not an example that demostrate it).



You cannot use a .NET class directly from Delphi, even via Hydra. You’ll need to create a wrapper around it that will be used for interop purposes. Still it is possible to use method calls, access properties and use callback methods as event replacements.

Please take a look at this post: Need a Jumpstart with Delphi XE3 and .NET 2.0 DLL Assemblies Integration (it is being reworked into a proper tutorial article on the docs site)