Use RO/DA in Unity3D

Hi All,

I m new to Unity but I m experience in delphi and fair in RO/DA.

I would like to access RO/DA server in Unity3D such as access Table and editing or RO demo like “SuperTCP Channel Chat”.

Any Example on unity3d communicate with RO/DA?
As I new to Unity , Any Advise is appreciated.

Thank you



It is possible to use RO SDK in Unity, yet it requires a custom-built assemblies (I can porivde ones if you’ll drop a mail to support@). Unfortunalely there is no Unity samples available.


Thanks , I just sent email l to you . Please check.


To finish this thread:

Both Remoting SDK for .NET and Data Abstract for .NET are now shipped also with assemblies built against .NET Standard 2.0

So there is no need for any custom builds anymore, as Unity project now can directly reference .NET Standard assemblies.

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