Using .jar compiled in Elements in Android Studio

I want to use my elements compiled .jar in Android studio and with many dependencies I have
error reading /Users/mateusz/inprax/Android/biblioteki/inpx_android_wspolnex/Bin/Debug/inpx_android_wspolnex.jar; line too long

The problem is related to :

Unable to read manifest file (line too long) during Java JAR packaging with Maven

Can you change generating Manifest.xml using information above or should I change it manually - will it work ?

Changing file manually (adding two spaces on start and enter at the end of every dependency compiled properly in Android Studio).

Please make change in generating this file because changing this file manually after every build is not a solution.

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Hmm. this sounds like the compiler generates a bad/invalid .jar? it would be good if we can see this jar (at least), or possibly even the project that generates it, so I can log an issue for the compiler team. It’s a bit odd though, as a .jar is just a .zip file with java .class files.

What do you get when you run ebuild --dump on the.jar?

Hmm, .jar files don’t contain the Android .manifest file, afaik? or do you mean the MANIFEST.MF file? i don’t see any super-long lines in that file (but again, seeing the jar might help).

(can I comment again what a stinking mess the Android tool chain is? a file length limit if 72? who invests this stuff?)

Logged as bugs://E26442.

Manifest.MF file

Limit of line is 72 in manifest.MF

Fixed for 20230308-124406-elements-develop [water], retest appreciated.

I will try of course. Thank you

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bugs://E26442 was closed as fixed.