VB.Net Code Generation creates error

I am new to your product and I experienced an wrong code generation, when using the Data Abstract for VB.Net (not mercury at the moment, because it is not available)
I use a mySQL Database and I can connect to it without a problem.
Within one of my tables I use the column Name “Date”.
This name is also used in the “TableDefinitions_Schema.vb” file as Public Property.
But this creates an error, because this name is a Key Word for VB.Net
To avoid this error, it the property name should get surrounded with “[]” So that it name should be: [Date]
Then everything works fine.
THX a lot

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thanx for letting us know, I’ll get that fixed. It looks like the code generator did not have Date knows as reserved word.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84903

Mercury is VB compatible, so, you can use the VB code without a problem.

bugs://84903 got closed with status fixed.