Vcl Host , Load FMX edit Control


My environment is Delphi 10.3.1 / 10.3.2
RemObjects Hydra -

I’ve project vcl host load fmx edit control but I cannot type anything in the fmx TEditBox.

I’ve tried compile the sample project Hydra Firemonkey. The case is same.

I just build Vclhost and FMXPlugin. Once load the fmx visual Plugin. The Edit box cannot input any.
But u can paste word into it. Then u can type words. Once u change focus to checkbox and switch back to edit. You cannot input again.

Please advise.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83008

I’ve urgent for this . Any solution?

Another issue , you need to focus the fmx control then you can close the form else the form cant close.

Will check. looks like, FMX code was changed again :frowning:

any expect time?

we are investigating this case. no eta yet

from 1st sight, commenting code inside

procedure THYFMXControlAsVisualPlugin.HostFocusLost;

solved this issue.