Visual Studio new ASP.NET Core project, why does it show a Framework selection?

Elements version

When I create a new Mercury ASP.NET Core project in Visual Studio (either 2019 or 2022), the wizard shows a Framework dropdown list

That seems weird to me, because I don’t think the classic .NET Framework really applies to an ASP.NET Core project.

It seems to happen with all 4 ASP.NET Core Mercury project templates (ASP.NET Core MVC/Razor-based Web Application, ASP.NET Core React-based Web Application, ASP.NET Core API Application, and ASP.NET Core Empty Web Application.)

It isn’t a big deal, because I don’t think this really affects anything, but it is confusing.


Logged as bugs://E25791.

Indeed, this should show the .NET Core version selector , instead…

Yes, that would be much better.


bugs://E25791 was closed as fixed.