VS 2022 + Oxygene 12 crash with mouse movement

After upgrade Oxygene to version, VisualStudio 2022 crashes when mouse move on editor .PAS windows.
Issue don’t occours with keyboard action or not-Oxygene projects.
There is a solution for this?

Hi Nicolo,

Veyr odd, this is know know issue, to say the least. Whats the exact version of Elements/Oxygene you have installed, 2867 or the 2871 preview? Do you recall which version you had before where this issue did not occur?

Are there any specific or ore concrete steps, or does literally any movement oof the mouse crash, in any project? Do you get an error message or crash log?


Thank you for very fast answer:
Oxygene version is 2867.
Mouse movement causing freezing and crash of VS 2022 are sometimes click on other tab, sometimes click on other file in project manager, sometimes only superpose cursor (arrow) on editor window…

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Hello Nicolo,
Could you please check if the crashing happens when you create e.g. new Console App project and moves mouse over it? Or does the crash happens with your particular project? In case it happens with a particular project, we will need a testcase for internal testing and fixing it.
Thanks in advance.