VS as a XAML editor only

Lately I’ve been having tons of VS 2019 issues which has slowed down my work significantly. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in Water and loved it. The only issue I have is that I do WPF and need a XAML designer. I spoke with Marc and in theory I should be able to use VS to just do XAML and water to do everything else since water automatically syncs up with changed files (XAML).

I just did a little test and simply tried to open a XAML file alone in VS2019 Community and of course ran into issues. When I did this, VS treated it as an XML file and therefore no XAML designer shows up. I checked all options and there is no reason I should not have opened as XAML. Would anyone have any idea why this is happening? Do I need the XAML and associated oxygene code file open together? does it need a full solution open?



I would expect you need a project as the context for the WPF designer to work. that can be the same project as you use for our real app, or it could be an empty shell project that has just the .xaml//xaml.pas and whatever else the xml might depend on (i.e. custom user controls, third party references, etc).