VS Code Debugger Leveraging Fire/Water Debug Engine

Happy new years guys. I feel like this has been asked before with the consensus being that no other IDE will be supported, but I keep feeling a sense of longing for wanting to break out of windows / macOS for elements development.

Is there anyway to include the elements debugger engine found in fire / water, in a separate editor like VS Code?

The Debugging with Visual Studio docs mention how the built in visual studio debugger is used for .net, otherwise it falls back to the debugger engine in fire / water. I may be over estimating the complexity for supporting VS Code (or other ones), but isn’t this just a matter of listening to the emitted symbols by the debugger engine, at a certain port? Can we not configure VS Code to do that? Or is elements debugger engine too tightly coupled with the editor itself, limiting abstraction?

Are there plans to be able to bring this functionality out in an era thats adopting LSP’s? And if not, is there anyway to configure the fire / water debugger sources to be leveraged outside for a Silver project being edited outside of these IDE’s?

Thanks again!

If it were just the debugger, it’d probably not be too sizable a task (he says without ever having looked at VS Code’s extension APIs), but you’d probably want more, such as syntax highlighting, code completion, etc etc etc, and soon we’d be looking at ba full IDE intebration again :wink:

Would your goal be to use this on Linux, then?

Plans, no, but i agree looking at LSP might be something we should do. i’ll bring this up for discussion.

I’m not sure what you mean by that, can you clarify/elaborate?

Ah, I was hinting at whether or not it was possible to use only the individual ‘debugger engine’ sources (the ones that listen to break points) from fire / water, outside of those editors…similar to how we use Fire sources on linux for ebuild.

Yeah this! I currently develop primarily on linux with ebuild, and hop on to a windows VM / macOS if I REALLY need a debugger, but ideally I wouldn’t have to do this. A few months ago I posted me here trying to get water running through wine on linux. I got close but because of time constraints, I decided it wasn’t worth the investigation + chances that it would break and not be supported…but I’ve considered going this route again later.

Basically, do you have any recommendations for currently improving the developer experience on linux with the aid of debugger sources?

How would you like the idea of a command line debugger? essentially the db console from Fire/Water, as an executable that would run on any platform? Similar to lldb or gdb?

That would be perfect actually :heart:

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I’ll look at what I can do. heck, this might end up driving improvements to the debug console in Fire/Water too :wink:

I wasn’t expecting this responsiveness but thank you so much!

That sounds great and like it could open the gates for adoption. A CLI debugger like lldb or gdb is more than enough to be integrated with a variety of editors / environments. Im partial to sometimes even using this on my local vim setups, and it sounds like integrating an elements debugger would be fun GitHub - puremourning/vimspector: vimspector - A multi-language debugging system for Vim

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If there is an IDE for linux, it will be great. And hopelly it will not only for X86 or arm, in China we have other architectures like loongArch, the .Net 6 SDK for loongArch is already adapted by its company, in beta stage. I hope I can use Water IDE on the loogArch or other platform such as MIPS on linux.