VS templates indistinguishable

Visual Studio 2019.
Project templates for different languages have the same name and cannot distinguish.

Also, by the way, why isn’t auto-completing brackets and parentheses possible?


yeah, we’re working on that. unfortunately VS2019 (which is still Experimental) made a total mess of the New Project dialog, including dropping our ability to register/show templates properly :(.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82357


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I’m sorry, I had missed this part originally. Can you elaborate?

The auto-complete system is kind of forcing.
If I type exactly “A a=new A()”, this would happen:

I suggest to apply the auto-complete only when “Enter” pressed instead of pressing any key.

It looks like Code Completion is showing bad data (but its hard to say coz the gif plays too quickly), thats why this happens. CC should normally only ever auto-complete when in cases where all valid elements are on the list (such as here). There also seems to be an NRE happening in CC after =, which is probably part of/contributes to the problem.

Can you send me the project that shows this?

Thanks, logged as bugs://82396

Just a new Island Swift project with this single file.

The parenthesis problem he’s talking about is probably that the “auto-complete brackets” option of the RemObjects editors in VS settings are disabled and cannot be checked. Also, in VC# editors, when we type a “(“, the editor would automatically append a “)” and set the cursor between the “(“ and “)”, but this is not available in Water and Elements VS Plugin.

the code in your video isn’t swift though,…

Sorry, empty Island C# project

An empty Island project would not have .NET namespaces in the uses clause though. (which might be part of the problem.

Can you send me the exact project where you see this CC behavior, please?


Sorry, it’s just for representation, so I deleted that. To reproduce this problem, please do:

  1. Create a new Island C# project
  2. Open the default file
  3. Define a class A just like I did in the gif
  4. Try to write “A a=new A()” inside the main function

Reproduced, thanx. Logged as 82408.

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bugs://82396 got closed with status duplicate.

bugs://82357 got closed with status fixed.

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But the problem still exists in build .2399 (The templates in VS2019 still doesn’t have tags and are indistinguishable)

Can you test with .2401?

I would wait for the next stable release for the fix.