VS with dark theme: solution class color is barely readable

Here is how it looks:

Hmm, AFAIK we don’t provide those default theme colors, but VS does, itself? And you can configure them in Tools|Options.

There are hundreds of entries in Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors and none has a name related to Oxygeneor RemObjects. In addition, it is not possible to see the color without clicking on an entry.
So which one is used in this case?

Yeah, the generic ones are specific for language, i believe.

i’ll have to let @viktoriad answer that…

As I can see we provide different colors for internal/non internal types. You can change the color for internal types here: Tools | Options | Environment | Oxygene Project Types. In the screen above just scroll through the Display items to the letter O, and you’ll see this name.
Meanwhile I will log an issue to rename this item as it is confusing and not helpful. It is really old, I wasn’t even aware we provided it.
Hope that helps.