VS2019: copy RemObjects settings

I’m currently configuring my new development PC.
Is there a way to easily copy the RemObjects VS settings from my old PC to the new one?

I’m tried export settings (on old one) and import settings (on new one): it copies the settings, except for RemObject ones.

I hope there is a simple solution to this.

They should be all in the registry under Software\wow64\RemObjects\Elements.

If I’m looking under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\RemObjects, I have the following structure:


In Elements I have:

In Elements\VisualStudio:

In Oxygene:

So I’m sure not all settings are there.

Hello Patrick,
The Oxygene settings are partially saved by VS itself, and partially in the registry. I’ve just tried to Import settings, and I can see e.g. Text editor settings for Oxygene, Mercury etc. there. Which settings can’t you export/import for RemObjects

Hello Viktoria,
In between, I have manually copied the settings from my old PC to the new one.

Mainly the settings for the Text Editor, such as Code Completion.

A note about the Code Completion: clicking on the Customize button makes VS crash.

Logged as bugs://E25172.